Sunday, August 31, 2008

Freaky Fruit Vol 8: What the Hell is THAT?

We have had an enduring Mystery in Long Xuyen: identifying what, exactly, these things are. There is a great busstop halfway between Long Xuyen and Saigon, and in addition to a yummy restaurant, they have food stalls serving all varieties of snacks. Including a steaming pile of these things. They are very hard, black, obviously roasted, and have two kind of sharp horns. (all of which would sugggest, "don't eat me") . When we asked the guy what they were, he simply repeated the name, Au, which Linda had never heard, and is ominously pronounced "Ow!" I should have taken heed.

We suspected a nut or a bean, because they were next to the peanuts. I like nuts and beans, so on my way through yesterday, i bought some. After a good five minutes of exertion, I managed to break one in half, and low and behold - its a chestnut! Just an evil, tasty variety. I happily munched away, breaking several nails in the process. A little internet research proved that they are "bat nuts" or Trapana bicornis.

And a little time in my tummy proves that you should never eat anything shaped like the devil. I have finally fallen afoul of street food.

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Unknown said...

Dude, that is a truly scary-looking edible.

I've been enjoying reading this here blog--well done you. And thanks for the birthday wishes.