Thursday, September 4, 2008

Freaky Fruit Vol 9: Jackfruit...or so we thought

I happily plowed through a bag of dried jackfruit in Long Xuyen, and have been looking for the fresh variety. I thought i bought it yesterday, after some haggling in the market in Hoi An. Alas, it was not a jackfruit. But we ate it anyway.

What it turned out to be was Soursop, which i had seen in juices at restaurants. Its got a smooth green skin with little spikes, and inside is a white flesh, about the consistency of mango, with large watermelon seeds.

As promised, it was sour, and tasted kind of citrusy, but more like the green apple Airheads candy that I used to eat as a kid. The fruit itself is very delicate, and tends to damage easily if bruised, like a peach. Ours was a little worse for wear, but a nice eye-popping surprise nonetheless.

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